Test Masters - Automatically get $25 off any full length Testmasters course or online course

Automatically get $25 off any full length Testmasters course or online course
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Automatically get $25 off any full length Testmasters course or online course: Test Masters offers classroom courses and 1-on-1 courses for exams such as the GMAT, GRE, LSAT, SAT, PSAT, ACT, ISEE, Subject Tests and other exams around the country. They provide strategies that I haven't seen offered by any large other test-prep companies like Princeton Review or Kaplan. This also comes with an Exam Club feature, which allows you to take an unlimited number of practice tests for up to 6 months after your class ends. No strings attached

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About Test Masters

Higher Scores Guaranteed

Since 1991, Testmasters has earned a reputation for offering quality test preparation products with our decades of experience. The proof is in the Testmasters Score Improvement Guarantee. Take the Testmasters course, score higher than you thought possible – it’s that simple. Depending on the test, our score increase guarantees are up to 50% more than our competitors. Over 160,000 students have taken our courses. Thousands of highly satisfied students cannot be wrong. Read more details about the Testmasters Score Improvement Guarantee for each test.

Dynamic Teaching and Outstanding Course Materials

How do Testmasters students achieve such high scores? The secret is superior teaching and outstanding course materials. Unlike our competitors, Testmasters teachers not only know the test, they are experts in the particular topic they are teaching. Testmasters teachers not only love to teach, they love what they are teaching.

What makes our Course Materials the best? Years of development using real exam materials have led to the creation of Study Guides that form the foundation of Testmasters instruction. Testmasters experts have spent years distilling their knowledge into easy-to-use strategies to help any student master any test.

Unique strategies from Testmasters

Convenience, Flexibility in Learning

Have to miss a class? No problem. With our multiple schedules and online options you can always make it up. Choose between classroom, online, private 1-on-1, and custom group courses for the learning style that fits you best. Need more help? Additional tutoring is available for areas that require extra focus. Choose your Testmasters course and let’s get started on your journey to exam and academic success!

Test Masters Refer a Friend Program

The Test Masters Referral Program is a great, simple program for students at all levels of schooling. Students who have taken a Test Masters course have a unique code that they can give to others, either by word of mouth or using online networking. When new students input this code at registration, they receive a $25 discount off the cost of their course. For every 20 new students who use Alisha’s unique coupon code, she automatically gets $25 per student and is also eligible for a $1,000 bonus. Every student who has come through the Test Masters program is able to participate in the Referral Program.

Many students plan to use their winnings wisely, and Alisha is no different. “I’m going to use this money for personal expenses in college.” This will go to good use, especially since Alisha plans to be in school for quite some time. “I am studying biology. I want to go to medical school after completing my degree [to be a doctor] and specialize in pediatrics.” Even before she was busy working on her degree, Alisha was a busy student who took part in many activities in high school. “I was involved in many clubs such as HOSA, National Honor Society, French Club, Beta Club, and Student Council.”

As for any new activities outside of school, Alisha hopes to do extensive traveling. She has an open time frame though. “I would like to travel the world at some point in my life. As of right now, Europe is at the top of my list.” Luckily for her, she and other students can always participate in the Test Masters Referral Program to help earn extra money for traveling.

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