Do you know that most apartment owners give some discount or cash to their residents if they refer someone especially their friends or family?

Usually your friend or family may not be looking for an apartment complex to rent at that time.

But there maybe someone who is actually looking to rent an apartment in same complex where you rented, but you don't know that person? Yes! A chance of this happening is more often than not. Because every now and then someone is leaving and others are joining, you may have noticed your apartment property manager showing off their unit to that new potential resident.

But the big question is how will that person be able to connect with you before signing a lease agreement so as to get some real information about the apartment and use you as a referral?

What if there's a platform where you can just broadcast that information publicly to everyone by giving them the incentive that you will split your referral money with them and also give them real information if they signup using your referral? Its a win-win situation for both of you isn't it?

Well, the goodnews for you is; now there is such a Platform called provides you a platform to publicly post your referral, mentioning that you are a resident of ABC apartment complex where people can sign up through your referral and you can split money with them.

Residents can also clarify their doubts, which are developed by reading mixed online reviews before renting from existing residents. We also made it search engine friendly e.g. so it can easily be accessed via Google, Bing etc. by the general public to find referrals you posted. Users just have to put apartment names alongside the referral/refer a friend caption, THAT'S IT! And your listing is good to go (i.e. your listing will show up right away).

The good part is that residents checking on sharereferrals are more eager compared to when they are checking on other platforms. Why? Because with they earn free cash and also get real information from existing residents before signing a lease. Isn't that great! So if you are excited about it, what are you waiting for? Find out from your apartment management today how much cash they will give you if you refer someone and submit their information right away.

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