What is Referral link

Most businesses offer referral links to their existing customer to share with other. These referral link could be a first-time coupon code, discount being added to the signup. Many times, a referral link will have advantage for the user that provides the link to the new user and also for that person him or herself. For most programs, this is a discount added to their account.

However, with the amount of referrals that are online, getting your friends and family to sign up is difficult or they could already have an account. So, what do you do? You share your referrals with more people.

Sharereferrals is single Platform that allows you to post all of your referrals links. Through that more people will be able to find the referral link they are looking for, and you get more discount and offers they need. Why wait then. Start posting or find your favorite Referral Links.

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